Honorable Mention – Penn & Teller

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Penn & Teller are two of the biggest names in comedy. This duo is outrageously funny, sophisticated, and unconventional. They mix comedy with well choreographed magic tricks in a way that’s intellectually stimulating to the audience.

Penn & Teller’s edgy show at The Rio Hotel is unlike any other magic production in Las Vegas. The tall, lanky Penn serves as a narrator, providing a running comedic commentary on just about everything they do, while the diminutive Teller provides a lot of the show’s action, all without saying a single word. The pair manages to reveal a few tricks of their trade along the way, while turning around and completely stumping you with others.

Penn & Teller’s show relies heavily on audience interaction. Several audience members are chosen to come up and be part of some tricks and to help confirm the authenticity of others. What also makes the show interesting to watch is that way that Penn rambles, while Teller seems to stand in the background and do all of the work.

Penn & Teller are always out to prove a point with their magic. They usually try to show the audience not to trust everything you see. Penn & Teller are pretty cynical when it comes to social topics.

To see what audiences around the world have experienced, check out the show video below.

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