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Locked in time, within the walls of an abandoned theatre, a dormant world springs to life. Mesmerizing creatures emerge from deep within this delightfully twisted realm… And the magician Zark embarks on a quest to regain his lost love and redeem his lost powers. Welcome to Zarkana at Aria Resort in Las Vegas! Where the ground rains up and love falls from the sky.

What happens after the curtain falls for the very last time? What happens when a theatre is abandoned, reduced to little more than dust and faded memories? Where do its secrets, its creatures, and its machines go? With Zarkana, we venture into a bizarre, surreal world shrouded in mystery. In this strange atmosphere, sometimes muffled, sometimes explosive, punctuated by astounding acrobatic feats, the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In the grand tradition of the truly spectacular, the creators, artist, and artisans of Cirque du Soleil bring you a quest full of twists and turns in search of a return to live, love, and magic. If you want to see the best on your Vegas vacation, you need to see a Cirque du Soleil show, and Zarkana fits the bill. The beautiful aesthetics, eerily masterful music, and stunts that will make your heart race all make Zarkana uncontested when shopping for Vegas tickets.

To see what audiences around the world have experienced, check out the show video below.

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