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One does not choose a name like XS for their nightclub because they plan on “just getting by” with their décor and ultimate vibe. Nor do they look like every other nightclub in the world. You can rest assured that when you walk into XS at the Encore Las Vegas, you haven’t EVER seen anything like it. What did you expect when the club comes with at $100 million price tag, furnishings from Target? Quick, cheap, and easy isn’t what has made XS so successful.

First and foremost, Steve Wynn spared no expense in putting together the most expensive nightclub in the world. You know you’re going to spend a good portion of your salary at XS Nightclub as soon as you walk down the staircase and see a 15 foot gold-plated mold of naked women stretching out before you. But the gold-plating doesn’t stop there. You’ll find it on 3 more molds of a sexy woman behind one of XS’s four bars, as well as the 10-foot rotating chandelier that hangs above the main dance floor. Steve Wynn also knows a growing trend when he sees one. Not only did he sign superstar DJ deadmu5 to a year-long contract in 2012, but several other big name DJ’s come by weekly, throughout the year. We have no doubt that our friend Z (Zarnaz) Zandi had a lot of input in the DJ selection.

If your finances allow you to spring for bottle service at XS Nightclub, you may also want to indulge in luxury by ordering the Ono, XS’s signature drink. Opulence exudes from this cocktail, as it mixes Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl cognac (a cognac that sold out within 2 months of it’s limited edition run) and Dom Peringon Oenothèque champagne. What takes the drink to a whole other level are the two addition pieces that come with the drink, a women’s 18K white-gold chain with a black pearl pendant and XS logo and men’s sterling silver cufflinks embossed with a stingray and a raised XS logo. You might ask, who would buy such a drink? At a staggering $10,000 per drink, it’s sold about twice a month. Only in Las Vegas!

To see what partiers around the world have experienced, check out the nightclub video below.

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