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TAO Las Vegas at the Venetian is the most extravagant as well as luxurious Asian-themed nightlife destination in town. To complete the package: a few rose petals, monks, Buddha, and some of the most attractive models you are likely to find anywhere on the Strip. TAO Las Vegas is the second of its kind. The first TAO opened in New York in 2000 and has been a favorite hangout for celebrities and locals every since. TAO is more than a nightclub; it’s actually a lounge, restaurant, and sushi bar all in one. The restaurant is open 7 nights a week.

The truly amazing idea behind TAO Nightclub is the way it is designed. No where else in the world, will you find a 42,000 square foot venue with such an intimate feel. There are so many different areas to see and explore in TAO Nightclub, you may spend more time sightseeing than you do drinking or dancing. The first “things” you will notice as you make your way to the main room of TAO Nightclub are the beautiful models that will welcome you at the door. They are each floating in a pool of flowers. From a distance they appear to be naked. As you get closer you’ll see that they are actually wearing flower bikinis that blend into their rose petal covered baths. As you enter TAO Nightclub’s main room you can’t help but notice the 20-foot tall Buddha statue that appears to be hovering over a pond filled with Koi fish. The Buddha is the focal point of the lounge area. He provides a calming presence to lively restaurant.

In another area of TAO Nightclub you will find a bar covered in dozens of monk statues. The rest of the club is decorated in deep red and black with several statues and accent pieces lighting your way through the dimly lit rooms and hallways. You can go up to a second floor which includes an outdoor terrace area. The lounge is also a great place to relax on Wednesday nights when the nightclub area is closed and the restaurant is usually just as packed as the club, so make reservations and get there early no matter what night you’re planning on attending.

To see what partiers around the world have experienced, check out the nightclub video below.

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