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We’ve all had that feeling after partying our butts off in Las Vegas. You wake up the next morning. Your head feels a little “hazy”, you don’t know exactly what happened the night before, but you’re pretty sure it was AMAZING and you looking forward to doing the same thing all over again tonight. Yeah, that’s the kind of feeling you get when you’ve spent your night partying at Haze Nightclub inside of Aria Resort at CityCenter. Only this time, you’ll try your hardest not to forget tonight’s memories.

The size of the line outside of HAZE can be a bit deceiving, as you have no clue what come after you’ve passed the velvet rope. HAZE is an intimate setting with the DJ booth right smack in the middle of the room, with VIP tables flanking it for those nights you want to be up close and personal with the DJ. Not only is the DJ in the center of the action, but so are you. If being the center of attention isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there are several table below you on the dance floor level, with more off to the side of you. These are for the voyeurs. There are also a number of VIP booths with most of those overlooking the dance floor. A unique thing about HAZE, compared to most other nightclubs, is the amount of room by the bars, two downstairs and one upstairs). Typically you feel that you have to get your drink from the bar and immediately leave. Not at HAZE. The area around the bar serves as a second dance floor.

One thing you’ll find interesting when you walk into HAZE, is that you don’t immediately see the club area. You’re actually greeted by something one might describe as a voyeur room. Typically there are two women inside the room, dressed a bit avant-garde, but extremely sexy. This is the style you’ll see many of the servers in throughout the club. Not only do the women hang out in that room, but they rotate with other women and serve shots in the club. You might get to see the fantasy woman, who in the room as you walked in, face to face trying to get you inebriated. Remember, you are in Las Vegas. At HAZE, you are never too far away from the action. When you wake up in the morning in a haze, don’t bother asking us what your night was like. The moniker “what happens here, stays here” still exists in Las Vegas.

To see what partiers around the world have experienced, check out the nightclub video below.

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