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Nope, your ears haven’t deceived you, the rumors about Body English are true. The Vegas nightclub that spurred the current Dance Music revolution has returned. There are 3 things you should know about Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. 1. Body English isn’t like most of the clubs on the Strip. 2. The locals LOVE Body English, which should tell you a lot. 3. Body English is young, cool, and very trendy. Don’t bring your parents, unless of course, they are cool. These are three things you should know, as they let you know what to expect.

One of the best features of Body English is where it is located… in the basement of the Hard Rock. To enter the club, you descend a staircase, or take the elevator. As you reach the bottom, you find that club quite literally opens up to you, as you’re at the top, with additional levels below you. This leads to quite a few options. Do you head to your VIP table, take your best dance moves to the dance floor, or quench your thirst at one of the two available bars? Although the experience of bellying up to the bar can be quite enjoyable, it’s always our recommendation that you opt for the VIP treatment and book a table at Body English. It may not be the cheapest option, but it certain helps your hard earned money go farther. Remember guys… women don’t want to stand around all night at the bar, especially if they’ve been dancing. By you having a comfortable place for them to sit, it just might encourage them to stay a little bit longer with you. There’s nothing quite like VIP Service in Las Vegas Nightclubs.

One of the coolest areas in Body English is what is known as the Parlor. You may not even know it exists until you try to open the double doors on the dance floor level. It sits to the left of the club, and is hard to see, but trust us, the people inside can see you. A one-way mirror is what separates the Parlor from the rest of the club, which gives anyone one on the “right” side of the doors a certain unmatched exclusive vibe. So, trust us when we tell you, everything that you have heard about Body English is true. Welcome back Body English. We missed you.

To see what partiers around the world have experienced, check out the nightclub video below.

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