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With every club in Las Vegas wanting to be unique, there’s only one that actually names itself, “1 Of A Kind”, or 1 OAK for short. 1 OAK comes to Vegas via New York City, but vibe is definitely not a carbon copy of the Big Apple. Sin City, only copies things so much and this version of 1 OAK plans on showing you why it’s different. With a tattoo parlor/lounge, King Ink, across the hallway from 1 OAK Nightclub, you might think you know what the club will be like. We stress that nothing could be further from the truth. For Las Vegas nightclub standards, 1 OAK is modestly-size, but they use the space very well. At 16,000 sf, the club has two rooms, each with their own bar, sound system, music selection, and lighting system. Often times the rooms are combined to make one large room for bigger events. You’ll find a variety of music genres playing at 1 OAK, everything from hip-hop, electronic, to Top 40.

A feature that sets 1 OAK Nightclub inside the Mirage Las Vegas apart from other clubs, is that it’s very dark. No, this has nothing to do with the lighting. The walls are black, with dark tone accents, and aged brass framing on a lot of the displayed artwork, by Roy Nachum.

Something many clubs are doing lately is putting the DJ booth front and center, especially with the rise of electronic music. You’ll find that the dance floor is right in the middle of the room, up next to the DJ booth. The throngs of DJ groups should have no problem catching a glimpse of their favorite turntable wizard. If sweating with the masses isn’t your thing, VIPs can get a table next to the dance floor. From this vantage point, you’ll have no problem seeing up close many of the celebrity performers that 1 OAK brings in regularly. If you’re truly looking for a one of a kind experience in Las Vegas, get ready for a special night inside 1 OAK Nightclub

To see what partiers around the world have experienced, check out the nightclub video below.

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