Las Vegas Weather Forecast

Something many people who visit Las Vegas don’t know, is that the temperatures here vary dramatically. It’s a common notion that it’s ALWAYS hot here, but that’s not true. While it is true that Las Vegas can get VERY HOT during the Summer, with the high temperature averaging around 106 degrees in July. It can also get VERY COLD in the Winter, with the low temperature averaging around 34 degrees in December and January.

With that being said, you’ll want to make sure that you have packed appropriately for your trip to Las Vegas. Check out the Las Vegas Weather Forecast below to find out what to bring with you. Trust us. Otherwise you’ll be doing more shopping than you originally planned.

Today’s Forecast and Current Conditions

Average Vegas Temperatures – All figures are according to National Weather Service records.

Month High Low
January 58° F (14° C) 34° F (1° C)
February 63° F (17° C) 39° F (4° C)
March 69° F (21° C) 44° F (7° C)
April 78° F (26° C) 51° F (11° C)
May 88° F (31° C) 60° F (16° C)
June 100° F (38° C) 69° F (21° C)
July 106° F (41° C) 74° F (23° C)
August 103° F (39° C) 74° F (23° C)
September 95° F (35° C) 66° F (19° C)
October 82° F (28° C) 54° F (12° C)
November 67° F (19° C) 43° F (6° C)
December 58° F (14° C) 34° F (1° C)