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Although the Wynn Esplanade is certainly not the largest shopping location, it is by far the most extravagant. Unless youíre truly a high roller or have hit the big jackpot, expect to window shop. This small strip of stores located at Wynn Las Vegas has only the finest stores.
Some stores at Wynn Esplanade are so exclusive, that not only are they exclusive to Vegas; some of the shops canít be found anywhere else in the country. Only at Wynn Las Vegas will you find an Oscar de la Renta boutique or a Jean Paul Gaultier designer store.
However, there is one store at the Wynn Las Vegas, located just outside the Wynn Esplanade, which really sets this hotel apart. Actually, it isnít a store at all. Itís a car dealership. Not just any car dealership, however, a Ferrari-Maserati showroom! If you happen to hit the jackpot (or if youíre just filthy rich) you can drive right out of the hotel in a brand new Ferrari. This is why the Wynn Esplanade at Wynn Las Vegas makes our list of Top 10 shopping destinations.

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