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It wouldnít be fair to list all the great shopping in Las Vegas without giving a nod to some of the great shopping in the greater Las Vegas area. Located in the MonteLago Village Resort, roughly 17 miles from the Strip, MonteLago Village is definitely a required excursion for anyone staying off the Strip. Donít expect, however, to see the kinds of famous, high-end designer boutiques at The Palazzo or Venetian; the shops at MonteLago Village are almost entirely specialty shops.

If youíve opted to stay near Lake Las Vegas, chances are, you like different and out-of-the-norm experiences. Therefore, youíll love the interesting variety of shops and wares at MonteLago Village. Though there are only about 14 stores in the Village, youíll want to spend plenty of time exploring each one. Check out Casamarís Market and Museum for everything from gourmet groceries to unique cookbooks. Flights of Fancy is a great shop to take the kids to, offering essentially anything that flies Ė whirligigs, mobiles, hot-air balloons, flags, and kites of all shapes and sizes. Mishegoss Toys also offers unique playthings, and clothing stores Movement, J. Ryan, and Pink offer nice things for mom.

What makes MonteLago Village especially popular, aside from the unique specialty shops, is its charming atmosphere. Designed to resemble a quaint Italian seaside village, it features cobblestone streets, village squares, and a small marina. Youíll love strolling past trickling fountains and intricate stone facades.

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