The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio

Offering something for everyone, The Light Groupís vast array of properties accommodate a wide spectrum of personalities and lifestyles, providing the ideal environment for any demographic.
Status and prestige await guests that cross the velvet rope at Light Group's most exclusive venue, The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio Hotel and Casino. As you enter this exquisitely designed nightclub, the golden glow of The Bank's Cristal stacked foyer welcomes patrons to a black and gold nighttime fantasy. This plush Sin City venue revolutionizes the hospitality industry by redefining the way club-goers view quality evening entertainment at nightclubs in Las Vegas.
A lavish escape from traditional nightlife, The Bank Nightclub stands apart from the plethora of multi-cavernous clubs that cater to the masses. Located in the heart of Bellagio, this chic and contemporary 8,000 square foot space is perfect for entertaining both clients and friends with an ambiance and energy that's sure to wow and impress any audience. Infusing elements of everything perceived to be precious and valuable The Bank Nightclub is the preeminent nightlife destination to be seen in the scene.

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