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For the high-rollers who are in Vegas not just to gamble but to party hard as well, the Penthouse at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas is more than any Vegas adrenaline junkie could ever dream of!
What puts this suite in our Top 10 High Roller Spots list? Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a single-lane bowling alley all in one suite make this room one of the most popular penthouses in town. The dining room seats 12 for maximum entertaining. Parties can also be catered upon request. The master bath is bigger than most guest rooms in Las Vegas as it comes with a mosaic tile bathtub that offers views of the city that arenít even available at some of the best tourist sites.
All those extras are great but high-rollers always want more and this suite delivers! A single-lane automated bowling alley really puts this room over the top. There is no better way to feel like a rock star (while spending money like one) in Las Vegas.
However, the Penthouse is not easy to book. Itís mostly reserved especially for extreme high-rollers, movie stars, and the like. When it comes to the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, there are just some things money just canít buy.

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