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Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace Las Vegas is often recognized as one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas and the high-rollers absolutely love it! Guy Savoy is considered the best of the best and it is always frequented by the rich and famous who are looking to get a taste of authentic French cuisine.
Guy Savoy has won awards in both France and America and this is his first and only restaurant in the United States. As soon as guests step into the palace-like dining room at Guy Savoy they will see that this isn’t an ordinary meal. High ceilings and dark wood archways allude to the grandeur of the cuisine that patrons are about to enjoy. Guy Savoy’s culinary creations are best enjoyed through the Menu Prestige, a ten-course degustation menu. However, this meal is designed specifically for the elite. It costs an insane $290 per person and it takes an entire evening to enjoy. This meal is presented more in the style of a production show with several acts than just a simple dinner. Each course is brought to the table with a complete explanation of what it is and how it was prepared. For those in a hurry to get back to the poker table, there is a quicker 90-minute four-course option that will also cost a pretty large chunk of change.
Guy Savoy is a restaurant centered around three ideas: presentation, taste, and service—all the things that high-rollers hold near and dear to their hearts. Entrees at Restaurant Guy Savoy include The Colors of Caviar, which is Caspian sturgeon caviar on top of a bed of green beans. Although pricey, this dish is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for most of us anyways.

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