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The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Resort was created for the “who’s-who” of Vegas elite. The club, owned by House of Blues, is a nightclub, bar, and lounge located at the top of Mandalay Bay. The Foundation Room is divided into several themed private rooms, which can be rented for events such as parties or even weddings. They offer bar service, caterings, and will customize their services to fit almost any type of soiree that a customer (a very rich one) could think up.
Many high-rollers consider themselves too good to eat in crowded restaurants with the “common folk,” so for an intimate and delicious dining experience the Budhha and Ganesh “Prayer” rooms can be rented out for as little as six to eight guests. The area can also be rented just for a small cocktail hour. Why enjoy a $10 drink at the casino bar when high-rollers can shell out as much as the price of a small house on an intimate cocktail experience. Nothing will impress guests more than a bartender serving only a small group in a lavishly decorated room with some of the most comfortable seating in town. But that’s just the beginning of the extravagance that the Foundation Room offers.
The Foundation Dining Room is massive with the most elegant décor available. Many of the wall panels were taken from the original Kellog Estate giving the room a feeling of an old Mansion. There is also an outdoor patio and dining area that offers amazing views of the Las Vegas strip. For high-rollers who are looking to add a little privacy to their gatherings, no one will offer the service and attention to detail found at every event that takes place at the Foundation Room.

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