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When it comes to high-priced scenery the Four Seasons has created the ultimate Las Vegas guest room. The 180-Degree Suite at the Four Seasons offers some of the best views in town from all the suite's rooms. The amenities aren’t too bad either!
One of the best things about this suite is that it is often offered to the casino’s “whales.” “Whales” are the ultimate in high-rollers. To be considered a whale, the average player must play hands adding up to around $500,000 an hour (at least). Although completely unreasonable for most, if you're betting hands of this magnitude, you will almost guarantee endless free stays at the extravagant 180-Degree Suite.
Three walls in the living area of the 180-Degree Suite offer floor-to-ceiling windows as well as the finest in furnishings. The suite also offers a spacious master bedroom with king bed and master bath. Although the suite is typically a one bedroom, adjoining suites can be added on to create two and three bedrooms. The dark woods in the room and the pearly white furnishings give the 180-Degree Suite a luxury feel.
Many use this suite for wedding parties since it has a more sophisticated feel in contrast to some of the other luxury suites in Las Vegas which are set up manly for bachelor parties. In other words, this suite is high-roller without the high-profile.

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