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Poolside at the Palms means a trendy crowd similar to the Hard Rock pool scene. Enjoy great music spun by top DJ’s, a great variety of specialty cocktails and swanky décor. Pool parties at the Palms never lack excitement. This is often the place to see and be seen.
Those looking for a daytime party will want to go all-out and rent one of several cabanas and bungalows that will make guests look like a rock star. These exclusive rentals are packed with special perks including plasma televisions, high-end sound systems and unique furnishings. Or rent one of the two-story poolside hotel rooms (known as bungalows) that overlook the pool area. The bungalows just so happen to be some of the nicest rooms in the hotel.
The design of the pool deck is what put the Palms in our Top 10 Las Vegas Pools. Colorful & contemporary furniture in odd shapes line the pool, creating various seating and lounging options. There is also a second story glass lounging area that overlooks the pool.  The Glass Bar is one of the most popular, located just below the geometric stair case leading to VIP areas.
There’s so much to see and do at the Palms pool, it might be difficult to find time to swim. Luckily, the festivities often carry on late into the evening so it’s not unlikely to see girls in bikinis comfortably mingling with guys in jackets and ties as they prepare for a night on the town.  Expect to find a crowd mostly in the 20’s and 30’s that are always ready for a great party (not to mention pre-party or post-party).
Las Vegas locals really love the Palms Pool for their weekly pool party, Ditch Fridays. Yes... it implies what you should be doing, ditching work/school on Friday.  This rebellious daytime adult pool party takes ones sense of fun to a whole different level. So, go hang out with the 3,500 other people ditching work.  You might be wondering if you'll spot your boss among the crowd. That's part of the danger that makes Ditch so enticing. Plus, if your boss is there, we're sure you both will keep each others secret.

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