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There is no pool in Las Vegas that has more young hip people than the Hard Rock and itís no wonder that itís in our Top 10 Pools when it comes to Las Vegas pool scenes. Layers of soft sand, both in its pools and on the lushly landscaped beach, makes guests feel like they are partying like a rock star on a Polynesian island. The Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel and Casino throws some of the most amazing pool parties on the planet. Most notably, Rehab, the Sunday pool party brings the fun out of everyone as the fun continues long into the evening.
The Rehab Sunday pool party is just an extension of what might happen at Vanity Nightclub overnight. The clientele is transported to the pool and every single person seems to be a super model, personal trainer or good looking stripper.  Itís a tough place to be if you lack the motivation for 100 sit-ups a day or the regimented duty of 5 mile daily runs. It is a festive place that runs the gamut from spring break party to soft core porn. I guess thatís the same thing. Itís Las Vegas and it is exactly what you would expect from this city.
So what makes the Hard Rock pool so special? Well first of all, itís almost not fair to call it a pool. The Hard Rock offers a full size man-made beach and if the underwater sound system doesnít impress, then the mermaids swimming in the pool or the go-go dancers might. The cabanas, that resemble Tahitian huts, come equipped with private refrigerators, personal misting systems and exclusive amenities. The cabanas, however, are hard to get so reserve in advance.
Those looking to swim a few laps should take the lazy river to one of the more traditional pools at Hard Rock. Swimming is really not the name of the game at the Hard Rock Pool. Itís more about chilling out in the water and people watching.
This grownup party scene is usually packed with women in their 20ís and 30ís in barely-there bikinis. Food and drinks are available throughout the day.  The bar is often the place to be.

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