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It probably doesnít come as a surprise that The Flamingo pool is considered one of the best in town. The entire hotel boasts a tropical theme that will have guests longing for a beach the second they walk in. Although far from the tropics, the Flamingo delivers and island paradise like none other in Vegas. Many hotels offer themed pools that are relaxing and fun, but none offer the Caribbean feeling that seems to come almost effortlessly at the Flamingo pool.
The Flamingo Las Vegas has one of the most stunning and memorable pools on the strip. Fifteen acres of tropical fantasyland and wildlife habitats are open year round. The luxurious landscaping includes 4 pools (including the original oval-shaped pool from Bugsy Siegelís era), 2 whirlpools, waterslides, and an upper deck pool with swim-up blackjack.
Real penguins, flamingos, swans and exotic birds wander the oasis as people swim beneath stone grottos and waterfalls, overshadowed by palm trees. The plush surroundings are also a popular landing-ground for families and kids. There are a series of waterslides and childrenís pools that separate a special area perfect for families. There are also rafts and pool toys available.
The Flamingo pool isnít just for families. Itís also a perfect spot for a romantic get away. Couples can rent side by side lounge chairs on one of the ďislandsĒ (partially surrounded by water) at the lagoon pool. Poolside service includes food and drinks from a bar that specializes in frozen drinks. There are several cabanas available for rent and they are all complete with the normal Vegas poolside extras like TVs, fruit trays, and rafts. Cabana rates vary based on weekday, weekend or holiday times. However, be sure to get the pool area early during the summer. It is not unlikely that even open areas of concrete will be occupied completely by around noon.
There is also a European (topless) sunbathing area called Go Pool on a higher level of the hotel that is for adults-only. It is in hidden spots like these, where the true flavor of sin city comes alive. The GO Pool has 38 luxurious cabanas and daybeds available on a daily basis with personalized service awaiting you. The cabanas provide a luxurious, more private option while poolside chaise lounges put Flamingo Las Vegas pool guests right in the action.

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